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Expert Tips You Should Use When Browsing Through Granite Supplies

Placing new countertops in your kitchen is a great way to add appeal to the heart of your home. Yet, it can be quite confusing, frustrating and disappointing when it comes to choosing the right piece from the many granite supplies. There are certain steps which can help you with this step. Here are some of the measures on how to choose the right slab for your new granite countertops.

Take your time and follow your instinct

When it comes to choosing the right slab for your countertops you should always take your time. Do not rush to buy the first piece which you see before you upon entering the store or yard. Opt instead to study and examine each piece. As you perform these examinations listen to your instinct. If it signals that you have found the one which you feel is perfect, do not hesitate. Choosing the right slab is akin to searching for the right garment. You will know it when you see it.

Bring samples and compare

The countertop should always match the style and colors of your kitchen. This will help to prevent serious crashing of colors which can ruin and spoil the appeal. If you are not certain which color will suit your cookery, bring samples and compare. For instance, you can take with you a sample of the backsplash or cabinet door. Place them next to the slab and observe. If you do not like the combination move on to the next.

Not all that glitters is gold

When choosing the slab among the granite supplies you should not aim for ones which contain glittering crystals in them. These are not granite in actuality but a different type of stone referred to as Schist. This type of stone mimics the appearance yet is more brittle, prone to cracking and not as forgiving. This can cause you many unwanted hassles, especially if you have small children.

There are several steps which can help you in choosing the right granite slab for your countertops. These include taking your time and following your instinct. Bringing samples and comparing. And also do not forget that not all that glitters is gold for it is most often Schist. If you would like to learn more tips, contact a professional contractor such as Georgia Stoneworks LLC in Atlanta in Atlanta, GА.


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